York County’s ‘Cheer Dad’ video goes viral


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When Roland “Hekili” Holland was performing his daughter’s cheer team dance moves at the York High School football game last week, he was just being himself.

After another parent took a video of him performing on the sidelines, the video went viral.

As of Thursday, the video had 3.7 million views on Facebook.

Holland, who is originally from Hawaii, is stationed at Langley Air Force Base and does training for air operation centers.

For the past three weeks, he has been performing on the sidelines after his daughter, Mackenzi, 15, who is on the York High School varsity cheer team, taught him the dance moves.

“I’m a fun loving guy,” Holland said. “Mackenzi and I would have dance offs every once in a while.”

“My friends have said I’m a little extra,” he added.

He started mimicking Mackenzi’s dance moves just to try and get a reaction, and he asked her to teach him the moves.

“It’s been fun and overwhelming,” Holland said of his newfound fame, adding he has multiple phone calls and TV interviews set up this week.

When asked why he think the video went viral, at first he said he didn’t know.

“I’d like to say it’s because of my new, good dance moves,” he said with a laugh.

Holland said he has gotten some positive feedback, especially from the community.

But he has also gotten some negatives ones, too.

“Moms supporting their sons is expected,” Holland said. “Moms supporting their daughters is expected.”

“A dad supporting his daughter is maybe sometimes frowned upon,” he added.

For his wife, Lindsey, this is the norm.

“For her, this is me all the time,” he said. “Outgoing.”

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