Yashika Aannand’s boyfriend kisses her in front of Aishwarya; watch


Mumbai: Yashika Aannand and Aishwarya Dutta have always been known for their rivalry inside Bigg Boss 2 Tamil. However, after the show, they get along well and now considered as besties of each other.

Recently, former Bigg Boss Tamil 2 contestants Yashika and Aishwarya celebrated their first anniversary of friendship. Apart from the girls, a bearded gentleman has also partied with them. Notably, a gentleman, who is considered as Yashika’s boyfriend kissed her in front of Aishwarya.


Watch the video:

Well, in this viral video, one can see the trio is fully in party mode as Aish and Yashika are saying ‘We Love You all’. However, a guy swoops down on Yashika and kisses her on lips.

Meanwhile, Yashika will next be seen in films like Zombie and Raja Bheema.

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