Woman who took viral snap of three Mayo men in Times Square amazed at reaction to Twitter post


A NEW Jersey woman who sparked a Twitter hunt for three Mayo men who asked her to take their picture is amazed at the online reaction to her post.

Christina Boniello, 23, was in New York for a film premiere in Brooklyn but wanted to take a picture of a billboard in Time Square when she bumped into the three Irish men.

 The snap of the three Mayo lads went viral


The snap of the three Mayo lads went viral
 Christina couldn't believe the reaction the image received online
Christina couldn’t believe the reaction the image received online

The men have since been identified as Sean Tighe, Bernie Waldron and John Devanney from Ballyhaunis in Co Mayo.

They asked her to take the photo because none of them had phones and it told Christina it would eventually make its way back to them.

Christina told The Irish Sun: “ I was just in New York City for unrelated things and I was taking a picture of a billboard.

“And all of a sudden these three guys just lined up in front of me and started posing trying to get my attention and in New York City you tend to look down and ignore if you don’t know people.

“But they got my attention and as soon as New Yorkers’ hear an accent they tend to be a little bit nicer.

“I could obviously tell they weren’t from here (New York) and I said ‘Hello’ and they asked me if I could take their picture.

“And my instinct is obviously like you know give me your phone or camera and they were like ‘no take it on yours.’”


“As if they just wanted me to have this picture of them. I took the picture and they were like ‘it will find its way to us at some point.’”

The 23-year-old New Jersey native claimed she wasn’t even going to post the photograph which she took last week but decided to after a chat with her mum.

She said: “And this was last week and I didn’t really plan to doing anything with it but I was telling my mom about it on Sunday and I decided to post it to see where it goes.

Christina said she has been blown away by the online reaction which has more than 13K likes and 5.1K retweets.

She was stunned that the men were all identified just hours after she tweeted it.

She said: “A good friend of mine who lives in Scotland was the first person to retweet it.

“Then I noticed the first seven to ten people who shared it were in Scotland and Ireland.

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