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STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. (WTHR) – The family calls it a medical miracle.

Michelle Deleeuw collapsed in her home last August. Her husband Karl called 911.

“I think she just died,” he told a dispatcher.

The doctors determined Michelle had suffered “a massive heart attack.” They didn’t give the family much hope.

“They said she only has 5 percent brain function and she’s only using 25 percent of her heart.”

Knowing his wife wouldn’t want to exist that way, he made a gut-wrenching decision.

“At that point, I made the hardest decision ever had to make. I decided to take her off life support,” he said.

Plans for a funeral ensued. But four days later “she told the nurse she was hungry,” Karl said. “The doctor said ‘what should we do?’ I said ‘feed her.”

Miraculously, Michelle has nearly fully recovered.

“One day I put on a pair of shoes that my husband was going to bury me in and I put on these shoes and he starts crying. I’m like ‘what’s wrong with you?'”

The couple said they have found “a new love together” and that their second chance has them not taking anything for granted.

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