Why was Toby Alderweireld’s Spurs badge missing on his shirt against Liverpool?


The badge is the most important part of any football shirt, so when it’s missing it’s hard not to notice.

And that was certainly the case when Toby Alderweireld took to the field to play for Tottenham against Liverpool in a clash of the Premier League titans.

The Spurs centre-back, who is recognised as one of the best in the division, was pictured defending against Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino with the score 0-0, but something wasn’t right about the image.

Where is Tottenham’s famous cockerel badge?

It’s definitely not there, unless the kit manufacturers accidentally stitched it on the inside of the shirt…

After a 2-1 defeat it’s probably the last thing on Spurs fans’ minds, but answers will be required at some stage.

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