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If you’ve been on social media these days, you may have noticed a new meme making the rounds. 

Snapchat is known for its use of facial recognition for wacky filters. We already knew about the popular dog filter, but they really upped their game this time with a scarily accurate gender-swap filter. 

Making girls more masculine with defined jawlines, thick facial hair, and guys more feminine with long hair and bright blush, the internet has gone crazy with how realistic the filter turned out to be. 

If you’re curious about what we are talking about, here’s how the girl filter looks like on local singer Benjamin Kheng: 

And here is the boy filter in action on his sister Narelle Kheng:

Are our eyes playing tricks on us, or do they just look like each other?

The abundance of catfishing memes spawned from the filter made us wonder, what would our favourite local celebrities and personalities look like if they swapped genders? 


Before (L) and after (R). Photo: Instagram/JJLin

Currently known as Singapore’s most handsome man, we think that the singer could be a strong contender for Singapore’s most beautiful as well. 


Before (L) and after (R). Photo: Instagram/Xiaxue

The blogger trades her trademark pink makeup for a lush beard and chiselled jawline, and can we say we are jealous that she is still pretty as a dude? Xiaxue if you are reading this, please try this look for your next makeup tutorial. 


Before (L) and after (R).Photo: Instagram/baeyyamkeng

The auntie-killer is also an uncle-killer. With such an infectious smile, it’s not a surprise that he pulls off the girl filter well.


Before (L) and after (R).Photo: Instagram/zoetay10

And here’s the Queen of Caldecott hill doubling up as the King. We think Zoe totally rocks the male filter and resembles a certain top Thai actor.


Before (L) and after (R).Photo: Instagram/minliangtan

Here we have Razor CEO Tan Min-Liang twinning with Charlene Choi. The CEO already looks youthful as he is, but appears 10 years younger in the girl filter and we are crushing on him hard


Before (L) and after (R).Photo: Instagram/djjaderasif

The DJ looks stunning as a dude, and would definitely succeed as a catfish on Tinder in our opinion. 


Before (L) and after (R).Photo: Instagram/elvinngchoonsiong

The actor goes through a total makeover under the girl filter, with thick lashes and smaller lips, he has totally turned into another person. 


Before (L) and after (R).Photo: Instagram/romeotan

Romeo turns into Juliet with the gender-swap filter on. Just like Elvin, we can’t believe that these two photos are of the same person. 


Before (L) and after (R).Photo: Instagram/Chantalleng

The young actress seems to pull off the strong eyebrows and chiselled look, owning this male filter. 


The siblings are known as the children to celebrity parents Hong Huifang and Zheng Geping. So we wondered, how would they look with the genderswap filter on? 

Tay Ying, before (L) and after (R).Photo: Instagram/tayying_

Tay Ying’s big eyes soften the harsh effects from the boy filter, making her look like a warm and fuzzy bearded man. 

Calvert Tay, before (L) and after (R).Photo: Instagram/calverttay.zkj

And her brother Calvert Tay looks like a carbon copy of their mum under the girl filter. Genetics is hard at work for these two. 


Last but not least, we have comedian Kumar who we have put under the guy filter.

Before (L) and after (R).Photo: Facebook/TheKumarShow

While his makeup remains untouched, it is quite amusing to see him rocking a scruffy look. It also reminded us of the Bearded Lady from The Greatest Showman. 

Going through the various pictures, we can’t help but be amazed that all of these celebrities look great as either gender.

We’re high-key jealous that they get to rock this filter without even trying. 


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