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Viral video footage has emerged of British tourists madly running at sun beds in a Spanish hotel in their desperation to bag a good spot for the day.

They can be seen shoving, madly flapping towels around and even sustaining injuries from their almighty surge to secure a pool-side sun lounger on the Canary Island of Gran Canaria, Spain, 

The alarming clip can be seen as part of “Holidays From Hell: Caught On Camera,” a new Channel 4 documentary show “ which airs tonight.

The video shows crowds of holidaymakers queueing around a pool as they wait for a hotel member to staff to let them know when they can descend on the sun loungers.

When they are given the signal the tourists charge at the sun beds, running frantically as they try and nail a good spot.

One man even falls over as he heads for a bed at full tilt.

Towels are hurled dramatically down on the sun beds as the tourists reserve their spaces for the day.

One women even covers numerous beds with a selection of towels, in preparation for companions joining later.

Some stroll more leisurely but most are frenzied in their attempt to secure a bed.

British tourist Jo Kennedy from Lincoln filmed the footage at the Dunas Mirador hotel in Gran Canaria and was horrified by what she witnessed in the early hours of the morning. 

Speaking on the show, she said: “I work hard and I just want that week with my children. I want to relax and I want to enjoy a different lifestyle than I do at home.

“The first night I arrived I knew nothing about what waited for me the following morning.

“I went out to see people around the swimming pool area with their towels at first light.”

She continued: “I asked why everyone was up so early and they said, ‘Wait until that man over there claps his hands and everybody runs.’

“I thought they were exaggerating but it was bad. It was like a swarm of ants.

“I remember looking down thinking, you’ve got trainers on and I’ve only got flip flops, how am I going to get past you?

“They were like bloody locusts. One man even broke his toe. If you want to be poolside from 7.30am to grab yourself a sunbed, be it in the shade or prime position, you’d better be ready to fight for your spot in the sun. Good luck to those of you willing to take on the sunbed stampede.”

It only took three minutes and there were towels down on every bed. I would phone my husband every day and say: ‘You don’t believe what I have to do every day.’”

Brits behave like this because of the “selfishness around space” when away on holiday, explained Dr Scott Cohen from the University of Surrey.

He said: “For years it was assumed that it’s just the Germans who are involved with taking sun beds in the morning.

“But the Brits are just as involved. What I think is going on is that we think we can have as much food as we want, as much drink as we want. This seems to relate to selfishness around space.”

Earlier this year Thomas Cook revealed their new policy for package holidays which allows tourists to pay to bag the best sun loungers.

Holidays From Hell: Caught On Camera, airs tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm.

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