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The Yangtze River nearly swallowed up a cargo ship after it hit rocks in south west China earlier this weeks.

Shocking footage shows the large boat completely capsizing in the river.

Onlookers filmed the alarming incident and can be hard shouting as they watch the ship roll over onto its side and almost disappear into into murky water.

The ship hit rocks during docking procedures while carrying cement to Chongqing City on Monday, local news channel CGTN reported.

The footage shows the upturned hull of a boat still moving through the water.

Images depict the enormous hole ripped into the underside of the the boat from the impact.

Seven crew members were on board but they were all safely rescued.

Eight rescue vessels were believed to have been sent to the scene.

The ailing ship was later dragged to the shore.

At the time of the crash the cargo ship was loaded with 2,000 tons of cement.

Last month a viral video surfaced of two yachts crashing on the Hudson River during a high school prom.

While docked in Hoboken, a chain reaction in the water ended up pushing the larger boat into the smaller one.

In the video, the large boat is full of people on the very top deck.

Suddenly, it pushes into the smaller boat in front of it that is also docked.

It pushes up and damages the back of the yacht.

The smaller boat then crashes into the pier in front as well, damaging it further.

The captain can be heard yelling “I have no control” in another video of the event.

Onlookers gasp at the scene, as windows are smashed and the railings bend under the pressure from the larger ship.

The larger boat, called the Cornucopia Destiny, had 95 passengers and 11 teaching staff on it.

Thankfully no-one was hurt and students were taken back to the school.

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