WATCH: Viral Video of Baby and Dad Bonding Over TV a Teaching Moment


We’ll admit it. At Parentology, we can’t stop watching the viral video of Deztin Pryor and his son Kingston watching the FOX series Empire together. Of course, we love it because they’re both so darned adorable. We couldn’t help but applaud Pryor’s excellent parenting skills. Their interaction is a perfect example of mirroring.


Never heard of mirroring before? Parentology spoke with Michael Barnett, CEO and co-founder of Romp n’ Roll, play-based educational centers for young children. in Richmond, Virginia, about this type of interaction.

“For children, learning starts early, with their brain doubling in size in their first year,” Barnett says. “During this first year, some of the social skills that they begin learning are self-concept and empathy, which is supported through social relationships.”

Barnett points to Pryor’s chat with Kingston as accomplishing exactly that. “One great way for parents to help their child develop and grow their emotional understanding is through mirroring,” Barnett says. “Mirroring is when you reflect back to your baby their sounds, movements, and facial expressions.”

Feeling a bit shy about getting silly with your little one? Establishments like Romp n’ Roll are available to facilitate. “We offer grown-up inclusive baby classes that give parents the opportunity to practice mirroring in a fun and safe environment that encourages their child’s development,” Barnett says.

As for us, the Clarksville, Tennessee-based Pryor family’s video was inspiration enough. We have to give mom Shanieke Pryor a huge thank you for sharing this sweet moment with the world — her video has surpassed 34.6 million views, one million shares on Facebook, as well as a ripped version on Twitter racking up 2.8 million views — since she posted it last Tuesday.

Pryor family, count us in as some of your biggest fans!


Shanieke Pryor’s Facebook video
Michael Barnett, CEO/Co-Founder Romp n’ Roll

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