WATCH: US Comedian Josh Pray’s reaction to the All-Ireland final is here and it is mental


“If Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was made today it wouldn’t be about getting Charlie in no chocolate factory, it’d be about opening a piece of candy and getting a ticket to the All-Ireland finals!”

Most people in Ireland have by now heard of Josh Pray, the US comedian who went viral for his awestruck reaction to watching Gaelic games for the first time.

In fact, the funnyman became so popular on the Emerald Isle that Tourism Ireland, along with the GAA, fixed it so that Mr Pray could come and watch the All-Ireland football final between Kerry and Dublin on Sunday September 1st (Read all about it here).

The American looks like he’s been having an unreal time in Ireland, documenting himself on the grounds of Croke Park and trying Guinness for the first time (Spoiler alert: he loved it), but it was his review of the match itself that people were most looking forward to—and it’s finally here.

In pure Josh Pray fashion, the comedian zealously describes the atmosphere surrounding the big day with just slight exaggeration—such as the eighty thousand million people in attendance.

Viewers are now hoping that Mr Pray will be invited back for the replay between The Kingdom and The Pale, due to take place on Saturday September 14th— because we simply can’t get enough of him.

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