Watch the Jill Scott video that has Twitter in a frenzy


On Tuesday the Twittersphere lit up after a video of the great songstress Jill Scott went viral, the video showed Scott performing in concert and also (as one Twitter user elegantly explained) “sucking air d*ck” aka performing NSFW action on her microphone. The platinum album artist was performing Crown Royal from her 2007 album The Real Thing-Words & Sounds Vol. 3 when the video was filmed and after it went viral fans who were unfamiliar with the sexy sultry sounds of Scott went a little nuts. 


Watch: Jill Scott has Twitter in a frenzy after a video from her concert went viral

Scott has always been an artist that explores sexuality in her lyrics and movements, but some fans are not as used to Scott’s vibes as others. In fact, some were more than surprised. 


After the video went viral, fans of Scott defended her and tweeted about how unsurprised they were that she is comfortable with her sexuality and showcased that during one of her shows. “Lol at y’all Jill Scott newbies,” collaborator and Roots bandleader Questlove tweeted. “Y’all thought she was incense and sandals huh?”

Jill Scott


Other fans had the same reaction as Questlove, and some challenged that if it was a man doing this especially on video the world would not react with such surprise. 

Jill Scott herself responded to the video controversy and even joked about it. “I sing/act out all kinds of stories,” the singer said. “You should cum [sic] to my shows. After a Jill Scott show, most people get splendidly laid by whoever they came with.” The songstress doesn’t seem to be too concerned with the fact that the video has gone viral, Scott knows who she is and isn’t afraid that the rest of the world is finding out now. Gotta give respect where it’s due, keep on slaying Jill Scott. 

Watch the full video from the 2007 concert here.

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