Watch Robin van Persie getting mobbed by schoolkids in his home town


Robin van Persie will go down as a legend of world football, so it was no surprise when schoolkids went wild after he stopped in his home town of Rotterdam.

The former Arsenal and Manchester United player, who won the Premier League with the latter in 2013, was in a car when he decided to stop to say hello to some local fans.

The reaction might have been beyond what the 35-year-old expected.

“Spotted close to a school in Rotterdam,” the Feyenoord forward wrote on Twitter.

The result was a group of screaming children crowding round to say hello to the Netherlands legend, who scored 50 goals in 102 appearances for his country.

The end of the video shows RVP unable to shut his car door with several children crowding around the vehicle. Good luck calming those kids down for the rest of the school day, teachers.

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