Watch: ‘Not a library?’ – Patrick Gower’s latest skit goes viral


You might know him as a National Correspondent, or for his now-famous “this is the f**king news” skit.

But Patrick Gower is back at it again, this time with a new potty-mouthed video about Eden Park.

With the Bledisloe Cup on the line against Australia this weekend, Gower issued a message to Kiwis to head down to Eden Park and make it a fortress and at the same time poked fun at his famous skit.

“Hey, what do you think this is? A f***ing library?” Gower is heard speaking to a member of staff.

“It’s actually f***ing Eden Park. And it’s an absolute f***ing fortress,” the presenter says.

His latest skit is part of an event announcement for Eden Park issuing important information for rugby fans planning to head along to the test.

Patrick Gower's new skit has hit Eden Park. Photo / Eden Park
Patrick Gower’s new skit has hit Eden Park. Photo / Eden Park

Gower announced all travel on trains and buses is free if you have your match ticket, and gates open at 4.30pm.

The Wallabies haven’t won at Eden Park since 1986.

The TV correspondent went global in 2014 after a clip of Gower swearing on what appeared to be live television went viral.

In the video, a library-goer stands up and says, “This is a f***ing library!”, to which Gower replies, “This is the f***ing news.”

It is understood the incident was part of a law school revue skit.


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