WATCH: ‘I came from SA to move away from this,’ cries woman in viral Hong Kong protest video


A South African woman who relocated to Hong Kong, has gone viral for her emotional plea that was caught on camera during the city’s protests. Picture: Screengrab

Cape Town – A woman from South Africa who relocated to Hong Kong, has gone viral for her emotional plea that was caught on camera about the protests currently plaguing the city. 

The moment was caught by AFP correspondent Elaine Yu who was on the scene interviewing people on the ground. 

Police have been firing tear gas at protesters in after anti-government marches went ahead in two areas of the Chinese territory in defiance of an official ban.

Hong Kong is in its ninth week of demonstrations that began in response to a proposed extradition law but have expanded to include other grievances and demands for more democratic freedoms.

Protesters want the resignation of the territory’s leader, Chief Executive Carrie Lam, and an investigation into complaints of abuses by police.

In the video, the woman said that she left South Africa to get away from such violent protests.

“South Africa has this, I don’t want this,” she cried.

“This is not the Hong Kong I’ve learned to love. Everybody in Hong Kong is so lovable and welcoming for all foreigners, and then to experience this just hurts me. It really hurts me.

“There is a good and a bad to protesters, and there is a good and bad to police,” she said.

“I just wish both sides would just stop. I understand what they’re fighting for, and I appreciate what they are fighting for but this is not what we’re supposed to be like. We’re supposed to be fighting together, not against each other.

“This is not the Hong Kong I want to be in.”

South Africans who have seen the post, have shared their views on the clip, with some appearing unsympathetic to the situation.

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