Watch: Eagles Fan ‘Blows Away’ Bears’ Field Goal Kick in Viral Video


A missed field goal kick from Chicago Bears’ punter Cody Parkey to send the Eagles to the divisional round sparked a flurry of reaction videos from fans on social media. Yet arguably the most memorable clip featured Jason Catallo of Northeast Philadelphia.

It shows him standing in front of a TV during the final moments of Sunday’s Wild Card game and frantically blowing and waving his arms in order to somehow magically make Parkey miss. He then lets out a joyous scream of victory after the football bounces off the upright.

The video quickly went viral, amassing more than three million views and turning Catallo, a diehard Eagles fan, into an internet sensation.

“I go to a lot of road games,” Catallo told NBC10. “I went to DC last week. I’ve been to Dallas a couple times when they played there. Go to all the home games. Diehard. Since a kid. My mom and dad raised me as an Eagles fan.”

Catallo knows the Birds face a big test Sunday when they face off against the Saints in New Orleans. But after his first attempt to help out the Eagles proved to be successful, he plans to do it all again during the next game. 

“Same play. Same seat. Same house. My buddy Dan’s house in Glenside,” Catallo said.

Catallo is also confident Eagles quarterback Nick Foles will use some special powers of his own.

“If Nick Foles does it again, he might be Jesus Christ himself,” Catallo said. “He might be. Back to back Super Bowl champs? Can’t believe it.”

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