[WATCH] Best videos that went viral this year…


Khabazela shares some of the videos that went viral on social media over the past year, as well as the best tweets, Facebook and Youtube videos that you enjoyed.

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Remember this one? An attempted hijacking goes wrong, leaving the hijackers fleeing? Check out what happens when two wannabe hijackers get more than they bargained for in Sunninghill.

Do you remember this one, where hospital staff line up for a walk of honour for a dying organ donor?

And who can forget this hilarious video?

Also a behind-the-scenes clip from the Daily Show, Trevor Noah explains why he thought one of Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” was in Tswana!

READ: An attempted hijacking goes wrong, leaving the hijackers fleeing

There were many other videos that went viral and made people laugh, listen below to here Khabazela tell Bongani Bingwa about those videos:

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