Vryheid’s coolest cop responds to viral video that made him famous


IN an age where access to the internet is readily available to most and context is not always considered when video footage reaches viral proportions, the phrase, “I’ll make you famous” is not always followed up by positive implications.


In the case of AbaQulusi Public Safety Official, Officer Muziwenkosi Buthelezi, however, the YouTube video that was seemingly intended to bring infamy upon him, instead appears to have gained him massive popularity, with some news outlets even calling him “the cop of the century” as he has been hailed for his utterly cool, calm and collected composure when dealing with an apparently unruly motorist who had just received a parking ticket for parking his vehicle in a no parking zone in President Street in August last year.

When asked how he kept his cool during the incident that drew 54 323 views, and counting, on the motorist’s YouTube channel alone, Officer Buthelezi shakes his head and smiles, as if he’s heard the story countless times and says…

“I told myself to just be as calm as a mouse,” he explains. “I know how these situations can play out. People have different motives and videos like this don’t often end well. I knew he was trying to make me react in a bad way, but I didn’t. I was doing my job,” he adds. “I was doing what needed to be done. I handled the situation and kept calm, even when he got physical, I reminded myself that I had to let justice take its course…”

“I’m a strong believer in three things: respect, dignity and professionalism,” explains Buthelezi. “He [the motorist] did not treat me with respect, dignity or professionalism, but I believe that I did my job to the best of my ability, under the circumstances. He parked in a no parking zone and I gave him a ticket. I was doing my job,” he states, matter-of-factly.

The motorist in question, who advises us that he “studies law as a hobby” and has requested to remain anonymous at this point, published the video on his YouTube channel the day after being released from the holding cells at Vryheid Police Station, along with a full, lengthy report on his version of the events that transpired that day, claiming that the officer refused to assist when it came to his sister’s complaint of being harassed by a car guard across the road.

“The traffic cop failed to respond to my incident,” he alleges. “My incident should take priority over writing a ticket…”

A frame from the video published on the motorist’s YouTube channel.

“I want to point out to the public that a traffic official may not push you around – that is assault,” he proclaims. “As the public, we should not tolerate this…”

When asked of his thoughts on the feedback by those who commented on the video, he states, “I don’t really bother reading the comments. People always have something negative to say. They didn’t see everything that happened beforehand, that’s why they are sympathising with the traffic officer. They’ve just misinterpreted the video…”

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The motorist has given us permission to use his copyrighted video of the incident, (you really should watch this to get a better understanding of the situation). 

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