Virginia Beach republicans speak out against viral post


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) — Controversy surrounds a viral post made by a verified Facebook page called ‘Virginia Beach Republicans’ on Saturday.

The post compared kids protesting for gun control to Nazi Germany.

But the chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia Beach,Tina Mapes, says her organization has no affiliation to the page or the post.

“I think it’s very insensitive to the survivors and their family members. That page impersonated our page and it misleads people into thinking that’s our official views and those views are not,” said Mapes. ‘

Local Rabbi Israel Zoberman says the post was a poor attempt to draw a comparison.

“Well you know it’s quite shocking to see the collection of shoes of 6 million murdered Jews, half a million children,” said Zoberman.

Zoberman says it’s important to respect the memories of all victims separately.

“Let’s respect the memory of those who died in Parkland who died in different circumstances, and those who were murdered in Nazi Germany under different circumstances,” said Zoberman. Zoberman also says it’s vital that we check the historical acts of the story.

“They didn’t have guns and we have to remember that the Nazis had the most advanced military machine at the time and guns would not have amounted to much of resistance ultimately,” said Zoberman.

It was posted under the “Virginia Beach republicans” page, which was a verified account at the time. But according to local republicans, that’s not their official page. “The republican party of Virginia” is their official page, and Mapes wants to make that clear.

“Where we’re at right now is just clarifying what we stand for. That’s not what our members believe, that’s not what our elected, or candidates believe,” said Mapes.

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