Viral Video:A Warm Welcome to the Classroom


A Warm Welcome

Yuma,Arizona – A viral video on social media is making a local teacher welcome her students in a loving way. 

“This is the first year where I’ve chosen to do this. I was so inspired by others so I thought, this is so much better saying ‘Good Morning’ to my students.”

Lauren Neumaier is a kindergarten teacher at Gary A. Knox Elementary in Yuma. She wanted to give her students something ‘new’ by giving them an option for a fist bump, a hug, a high five, or a quick dance before entering her classroom. 

“It makes me remember that all these students are all ‘little people’ and they all have their own little emotions.”

Not only does it break the ice for the learning environment each day, but it also gives Lauren some insight into what her students might be feeling at a young age. 

“Sometimes when a student who typically ‘high fives’ every day will then switch to hug on a different day, and will sometimes just hold on a little bit longer,” said Lauren. 

“I’ll then walk over to that student and I’ll hear what’s going on with him or her, and I’ll hear what they’re going through. It really brings love back into the classroom and makes the students feel safe.”

Lauryn had originally recorded the welcoming for the Principal, but after posting it on social media it has reached thousands of views giving teachers a new idea to try in the classroom. 

“You know it takes a little bit longer, but it’s worth the time. It’s worth the time I invest in these students because that’s what really important, it’s us being there for them making them feel welcomed-making them feel loved.” 

Watch tonight for the full story at 10 p.m. MST. 

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