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A viral video shows a Washington Capitals player toss a souvenir puck to a little girl in the stands, only to see adults hand the pucks over to boys next to her. 

During the warmups, Capitals player Brett Connolly points to the little girl and tosses a puck up into the stands twice, only to see the puck grabbed and handed to boys next to her. The player even taps on the glass to point to the girl.

“It’s honestly a little enraging,” writes Hemal Jhaveri for USA Today Sports. “Who is this man that keeps giving the puck to the boys? Is he their dad? Does he just think boys like hockey more than girls? Is he oblivious to Connolly clearly mentioning that the puck is intended for the little girl? Does he just think Connelly will keep tossing pucks all night? Also, he clearly didn’t see her heartbroken face after she lost out on the first puck.”

The story has a happy ending though, as Connelly finally tosses a third puck that makes to the girl. 

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