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Crocodiles are fearsome creatures as well as being one of the oldest species on earth.

Most people, when seeing one, would know to flee instantly to avoid being attacked.

Spotted in Florida, one decided to jump on the front of a boat being driven by two men.

They don’t react in the way many others would.

The crocodile can be seen with its mouth wide open on the front, and its long tail in the main part of the boat.

One of the men puts his fists up to it and hits it on the nose, whilst his friend lifts its tail to push it off.

Thanks to its huge weight, at first they aren’t successful.

With another hit on the nose and one big push, the creature falls back into the water.

The Imgur video, which has since had over 730,000 views shocked many users over their bold actions.

One asked: “How did it even get up there?”

Others were annoyed the video ended so soon.

Another remarked: “Why in the world does this video cut off before he falls into the water?”

Another man was shocked after finding a different creature on his property, this time in his car.

The topless man attempts to open his car door, only to fail before running away.

On his second try, he manages to open it, before a bear cub jumps out.

Shockingly, a second bear cub also flees the vehicle, with no answer as to how they got in there in the first place.

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