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GAINESVILLE, Fla., (WCJB) — TV20 spoke with eighteen-year-old Keyon Young on Friday after his mom, Chanae Baker, and Sheriff Sadie Darnell sat down the day before to sort out their differences. Although young and his mom believe the actions of the deputies were uncalled for, Sheriff Darnell says that if Young would have listened to the officer’s orders in the first place, this wouldn’t have become an issue. She says that the policy of asking drivers to get out of their vehicles is the safest way for officers and drivers to interact during a traffic stop.

Instances like these officer shootings across the country are the reason why Alachua County Sheriff’s deputies are trained to ask drivers out of their vehicles…even for traffic stops

“The percentages of law enforcement officers who are killed, in an approach to vehicles, either by armed drivers or passing vehicles is great, and its increasing,” said Sheriff Darnell.

When eighteen-year-old Keyon Young was pulled over by an ASO deputy and was asked to step out of his car, Young called his mom, who got in touch with dispatch to see what was going on.

“Let them know that you are on the phone,” Baker siad, “I am on the way and on the phone with dispatch.”

Meanwhile, a second deputy arrived and helped pull Keyon out of his car.

“I didn’t ask for help, your officers are pulling my son out of his car on Fort Clarke Blvd. And like he didn’t do anything,” Baker said on the 911 tape with the dispatch officer.

Young and baker say there’s more to this story…

“if I was a white man and this happened it would not have went like that, it would not have went like that,” Young said, while Baker agreed, “This was malicious and it was purposeful.”

Yet on the same night as young’s traffic stop, two other non-white drivers were pulled over. Both drivers got out of their cars when asked and did not end up in an altercation with deputies.

Young said that he wasn’t upset about getting pulled over for speeding. He was upset because he was confused. “I was shaking my head because I was thinking I literally could have died…they had their guns drawn on me.”

Although they were tasers, Young didn’t know that at the time. Looking back on this experience, young as taken away one thing from the incident.

“I want to make this a teaching moment for my friends, in situations like this always stay calm, because even I feel like I handled this situation the best way possible.”

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