Viral video pushes Lapeer County sheriff to open an internal investigation


LAPEER COUNTY (WJRT) (12/6/2018) – A viral video appears to show a Lapeer County detective calling out Flint for its crime.

Controversy is swirling around the video that was posted Thursday on Facebook. Lapeer County Sheriff Scott McKenna said he is opening an investigation into the comments.

The video apparently was taken inside the Lapeer County Courthouse by a man who didn’t want to be identified. He started filming the interaction while he was there in November 2017.

On Thursday, an acquaintance of the man posted that video online. The video shows a couple of uniformed officers and someone standing with them in plain clothes.

The three people are heard having a conversation about Flint. It’s that conversation between those three people that has McKenna concerned.

He issued the following statement:

“The Lapeer County Sheriff’s Office has received information that there has been a video circulated on social media by an unknown source at this time. It is my understanding that this a video containing conversations that some of our department members are involved in. The information I have been provided is that this conversation took place in the court house hallway over 1-2 years ago and contained negative comments towards Flint City Police Dept. I have personally experienced the professionalism and work ethic of the Flint City Police Dept. I spent 20 years in Mt. Morris Township PD working daily with the men, women, and residents in Flint City. I consider many of them to be family to me.

Under no circumstances do I condone any negative comments against Flint City Police Department or any other department. The Sheriff’s Office is at the beginning stages of this internal investigation and appreciate your patience. We do take these allegations extremely serious and they will be thoroughly investigated.”

Det. Sgt. Tyrone Booth with the Flint Police Department said he the entire force are “very offended” by the comments in the video. He added Flint Police Chief Timothy Johnson “takes it very personally” when people demean the city and his department.

Booth issued the following statement:

”We reached out to Lapeer County and had a conversation with the Sheriff out there….they assured us launching an investigation into the video…we are scheduled to have a meeting with them next to week about the video and the contents of the video. The Chief of Police and the entire department is very offended by what we observed in the video and the Chief takes it very personally when comments of this nature are made about the police department and the city of Flint as a whole.”

We are looking forward to meeting with Lapeer County and following up on this next week.”

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