Viral video offers Super Bowl insight


Everybody’s got a Super Bowl hot take for you. There’s been an octopus who picks the big game and sports shows are falling over themselves to offer an opinion.

So, why not a young woman who is evidently high on drugs after she just had her wisdom teeth taken out? When Haley Parks of Williamstown, N.J. came out of surgery on Tuesday, she offered her thoughts on the Patriots vs. Eagles matchup – after she wondered where her chin had gone, of course.

“Our defense is better than their defense,” she tells her mom, Marni Parks, in a viral Facebook video that’s been watched over 2 million times.

Marni Parks needed to be convinced by her mother that she hadn’t missed the Super Bowl while she was asleep for her surgery. Parks, 21, is a sports-management major in her junior year at Rutgers University.

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