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LANGKAWI: A video which was made viral by a man who was dissatisfied with the service at Langkawi Hospital yesterday did not show any errors on the part of the hospital’s staff, said Kedah Health Department director Datuk Dr Norhizan Ismail.

He said in a statement that the handling of the case carried out by the personnel in the video was in accordance with standard operating procedures.

He said the man who took the video came with his pregnant wife to the hospital at about 2.20am and she was given preliminary examination and treatment by trained nurse on duty.

“From the initial inspection results, I understand, it was not an emergency case (and did not require immediate action by a specialist doctor),” he said.

However, the man in the video had scolded the nurse for being told to wait because the obstetrician and gynaecologist were handling the case of a pregnant woman suffering from bleeding problems and requiring immediate surgery.

According to him, a police report was lodged against the man and the Langkawi Hospital was preparing a detailed report on the case. — Bernama

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