Viral Video: KA Paul Parugo.. Parugu


If one just takes the name of Praja Shanti Party Founder K.A Paul, one is immediately transported into a world of jokes or comedy despite his coy and calm demeanour. Anything he says or does has come as a huge comic relief in a high-voltage election battle in Andhra Pradesh. Unfortunately, his hopes of being the Chief Minister as he claimed were dashed when his nomination got rejected by the Election Commission due to incomplete details.

However, K.A. Paul exercised his right to vote. And, a video doing rounds on the Internet has literally got people cracking up with the very sight of him. After voting, Paul is seeing rushing out of the polling booth in inexplicable joy, sprinting towards his car and shouting out loud. Meanwhile, amazed by his enthusiasm, even bystanders around began hooting at the sight of his joy.

Amid such heat in Andhra Pradesh on the polling day which was marred by clashes, EVMs malfunctioning and other disturbances, looks like K.A Paul thoroughly enjoyed his chance to vote and made it evident with his crazy sprint. He definitely gives all of us comedy goals and how to make anything look funny. Well, Paul never disappoints! 

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