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The viral video shows the man, wearing shoes, jeans and a shirt standing proudly on a rock surrounded by water, a few feet away from the shore of a lake.

His pose – hands hooked in pockets – and satisfied smile suggest he’s pretty impressed with himself for having reached the rock without getting wet.

However, he then tries to step over to a smaller nearby rock – and things start to go wrong.

The man readies himself and lunges over to the stepping stone. His right foot lands squarely on it but as he places his left foot down he loses balance.

He starts to wobble and puts his hands out to steady himself – but it’s of no use. His leg plunges down into the water.

Determined to achieve his objective – and without looking up at his friend filming – he immediately tries to clamber back up onto the rock. 

But as he does so his hand slips and he falls completely face first into the water.

He lies in the water spread eagled for a couple of seconds before getting to his feet.

The filming stops before the viewer is shown whether he found the embarrassing experience funny, awkward or painful. 

Online users have loved the viral clip. “For just a moment he thought about not getting back up,” one wrote.

“I thought he stepped on a turtle,” another added.

“I like how he accepted defeat,” a third viewer commented on the man’s misery.

Another viral video of a highly embarrassing moment was recently captured of a beautiful young woman.

As the video starts, she starts running forward before turning and smiling at the camera.

By turning to the camera, she doesn’t spot the low bush in front of her.

As she turns back around, she stumbles onto it and falls over, landing on her back.

Thankfully her long dress protects her modesty as her arms and legs fly into the air.

A third viral tumble was caught when a young woman fell off a cliff after regretting making the jump and attempted to climb back up.

She quickly grabbed on, only to slip off into the water below.

Another young woman on holiday attempted to jump on a rope swing. She failed to hold on and landed in the water below, laughing at herself. The woman in question was later revealed to be Michelle Jenneke, the 24-year-old Olympic gymnast.

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