Viral video allegedly shows Toledo man beating his pit bull


(Source: WTOL)(Source: WTOL)


Protests went on Friday night in central Toledo at the corner of Central and Auburn.

“We want justice. Stop animal cruelty” they shouted into bullhorns.

It was all over a video that’s gone viral showing a man allegedly beating up his pit bull.

“It’s very disturbing” said Angela Hogrefe.

The week-old video shot from a distance shows the dog being picked up by the scruff of the neck and slammed several times to the ground. Protestors don’t want the owner arrested, they just the dog removed to safety.

The Humane Society has been notified.

“There’s multiple accounts of this man abusing this animal. Every single neighbor has witnessed different incidents,” said protest organizer Sarah Sharpe.

At one point Toledo Police showed up at the demonstration to make sure things didn’t get out of hand.

One sergeant confirmed crews have been called to the house where the man lives on more than one occasion about the way he treats the dog which aggravated the protestors even more.

“We’re not going to leave this guy alone until he surrenders his dog” adds Ms. Sharpe.

WTOL 11 contacted the Human Society and is waiting to hear back for comment.

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