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Sports gives its fans some amazing thrill to all those who watch them. The emotions embedded in sports oozes out feelings you cannot explain. Sports at times also brings out the inner creativity in others and that brings out reactions that will get you laughing till your ribs hurt.

We look through the annals of viral videos to revisit some of the funny moments sports in Ghana brought us in the year 2018.

Bukom Banku paying tribute to Ebony

The death of Ghanaian dancehall star Ebony is one sad thing we will not want to relive. However, charismatic Ghanaian boxer Bukom Banku being his typical self-paid tribute in a way which got Ghanaians laughing and sad at the same time.

Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng A.K.A Ebony passed away on 8 February, 2018 and in that week Bukom Banku released a tribute to an interesting tribute to Ebony.


Bukom Banku weeping over Ebony tribute

Brimah Kamako A.K.A Bukom Banku also caused got people also amused when he attended Ebony’s funeral on 24 March,2018.

Bukom Banku wept to mourn Ebony and left a few people wondering how genuine those tears were.


Joshua Clottey

The most hilarious of them all was when former IBF Welterweight champion Joshua Clottey spoke on how he will not allow his son to follow his footsteps as a boxer.

In speaking to UTV Clottey spoke on the fact that the sport was indeed a very physical sport and he himself will not be willing to do the sport if he was to live another live.

He did also state that he chose that career path because he learnt it when he was a kid and that became his profession.

Clottey was the IBF Welterweight champion from 2008 to 2009

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