VIRAL: OFW in Dubai gifts a complete stranger in PH a mobile phone


Here’s something that’ll will hopefully make you believe in kindness again.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, salesperson Kean Estacio Jonson shared how an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) living in Dubai bought a cell phone for an elderly man she has never even met — all because of a viral Facebook post.

The OFW, whom Jonson identified as Monica Raon Santos, first learned about the elderly man needing a phone from a post that Jonson shared in March.

Jonson first spotted the old man he called lolo (grandfather) Lucio walking near the store where he worked. Lolo Lucio planned to buy a phone for his grandchild using the money he saved, which, sadly, wasn’t enough.

“He had a hard time walking towards the store, so I had to help him. He also had difficulty speaking. He showed me a piece of paper which says ‘Vivo,’ the brand of the cell phone that his grandchild wanted him to buy. He proceeded to show me a bunch of PHP20 and PHP100 bills,” Jonson’s post reads in Filipino.

The post, which garnered more than a thousand reactions, caught the eye of Santos who sent a private message to Jonson saying that she would pay for the cellphone if lolo Lucio ever comes back.

In an interview via chat with Coconuts Manila, Jonson said: “Ms. Monica said she’s willing to buy the cellphone for lolo if he plans to come back. She asked for my bank account details so she could send me the money. And she did send me the money when he came back!”

In his update post over the weekend, Jonson said lolo Lucio still didn’t have enough money when he came back for the phone, which is why he decided to contact Santos.

“He didn’t have enough money, because the phone was worth PHP5,990 (US$113.97) but he only had PHP5,600 (US$106.54). Ms. Monica said he can just keep his money so that he can use it for something else,” Jonson wrote.

“I’m glad that there are people who, in spite of leading comfortable lives overseas, would still go out of their way to help other people, even strangers. I hope more people could be like Ms. Monica,” Jonson added.

But Santos’ act of kindness moved more than just Jonson.

Jonson’ latest Facebook post has also gone viral and now has more than 8,300 shares with overwhelmingly positive comments.

No surprises there — after all, who wouldn’t love to hear a positive, uplifting story like this one?

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