VIRAL: Liza surprises Enrique with kiss


MANILA — “Bagani” stars Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil have long been rumored to be an official couple, and that has certainly been fueled by a now-viral clip of the two in an intimate moment.

The clip, uploaded by Gil in his Instagram Stories on Thursday, shows him with Soberano doing cute expressions with an animated face filter. He calls Soberano, “My bubu beaw,” in the text accompanying the selfie video.

At one point, Soberano plants a kiss on Gil’s cheek, apparently surprising the actor.

Clip from the Instagram stories of Enrique Gil. @enriquegil17/Instagram

The video of the sweet gesture was instantly re-uploaded by several fan accounts dedicated to Soberano and Gil on social media, garnering hundreds of thousands of views. Comments, as expected, were a mix of those expressing “kilig” and those taking the kiss as yet another sign that the two are indeed a couple.

Soberano, 20, appears to make a habit of surprising Gil, with both small and grand gestures. An example of the latter was a big island party he threw for Gil — who had been clueless about it — to celebrate his 26th birthday on March 30.


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