Viral hoax Momo is getting its own movie


Details on the actual film are sparse, so it’s not clear how Momo will be depicted on screen. However, it’s pretty safe to assume it’ll be packed with scares. The project will pair Taka Ichise and Roy Lee, the pair that previously worked together on The Grudge and The Ring franchises.

Momo first came to prominence last year when local news reports started to warn parents about the so-called Momo Challenge. According to the reports, children would receive messages on WhatsApp and other platforms demanding they do what is asked of them or face a visit from Momo, the creepy, human-bird hybrid that is actually just a statue called Mother Bird. In some cases, those messages asked the kids to commit acts of violence or self-harm. The problem is that researchers found the Momo Challenge wasn’t particularly widespread and no children actually hurt themselves or others because of it. The Momo Challenge was essentially a hoax, but fear of it turned Momo into an actual viral sensation.

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