Viral Dr Disrespect impersonator now advertising Doc-inspired bath water to compete with Belle Delphine


The bath water-selling business has been taken to a whole new level, thanks to a hilarious Dr Disrespect imposter who is advertising his own brand to compete with internet starlet Belle Delphine.

Following The Doc’s Twitch ban back in June, Dr DipsRespect emerged as an alternative to the leader of the Champions Club, although his resume isn’t quite as impressive.

While The Doc is a two-time, back-to-back Blockbuster video gaming champion, Dr DipsRespect’s claims to fame are his appearances in two state-wide spelling bees, where he allegedly finished in third and ninth place respectively.

Instagram: BelleDelphine

Belle Delphine became a viral sensation when she started selling her ‘Gamer Girl Bath Water’.

Inspired by Belle Delphine, who became a viral sensation when she announced that she would be selling her ‘Gamer Girl Bath Water’ to “thirsty fans”, Dr DipsRespect has posted a new YouTube video advertising a product that he hopes will make a splash in the online gaming community.

The chief of the Participants Club – named because he hasn’t actually won a championship yet – uploaded a four-minute advertisement for his new product ‘Participants Water’ which he says is “better than Gamer Girl bath water.”

Sitting in a bathtub surrounded by candles, adorned with the “pellet-proof” mullet and the “Bing protato-type scopes”, Dr DipsRespect gave fans a glimpse into how he fills up every jar, filtering it through his “Scandanavian dirt worm” moustache, sealing every jar “with a kiss.”

While Dr DipsRespect tried to fill the gap left by The Doc during his ban, the real Dr Disrespect has now returned to Twitch, and has already taken a cheeky dig at superstar streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and his subscriber count.

The real Doc has yet to specifically address his copycat on stream or on social media, so we don’t know how he’ll feel about his imposter advertising his bath water, although he mentioned “want-to-be Doctors” during a rant about Twitch rejecting his new bathroom emote.

Unfortunately for anyone who would like to purchase a bottle of Dr DipsRespect’s Participants Water, the streamer didn’t reveal how you could get your hands on it, so you’ll have to settle for his sensual advertisement for the time being. 

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