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ARIZONA (WKRG) – – Video of an Arizona Trooper is going viral and likely bringing tears to eyes.  The Arizona Department of Public Safety shared a video of Trooper Mark Gilberg giving his last call as he completes 37 years and 3 weeks of service.

Rachel Gilberg uploaded a video to YouTube showing the final call of the Arizona Highway Patrolman.

In the video, Trooper Gilberg is seen wiping tears from his eyes as he grabs his radio and says, “Badge 2988 began his career March 11th, 1981…this will be my final 10-7.”

“10-7” means ‘out of service’ or ‘signing off’ so dispatch knows not to send the unit to a call. 

Dispatch responds with, “10-4 you’re making me cry too. Did everybody copy that?”


Trooper Gilberg clears his throat and says, “I just wanted to thank everybody for everything that they’ve ever done. It’s been an honor and a privilege and a great career.” He continued, “It’s been a great adventure. I thank everybody that has ever helped me…” After thanking the department, Trooper Gilberg states, “37 years and three weeks later, it’s been a great ride. Thank you very much and keep smiling.”

The Arizona Department of Public Safety said, “We want to send our deepest gratitude to now (Ret.) Trooper Mark Gilberg.”




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