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The video captured the young man walking with a group of camels behind him.

Behind him, at least seven of the animals could be seen joining in him the desert.

The man, clad in a white shirt and glasses, was filming and tried to take a selfie.

Suddenly, one of the camels jumped out from behind him and reared up.

The camel then kicked his front legs forward, jumping on top of the man and knocked his glasses off.

The camera was sent flying from his hand as the man fell on the ground.

As the video ended, the view was of the sky after it landed on the ground and out of the man’s grip.

The music that was playing ends after the man grunted in pain and tripped.

The video has attracted more than 90,000 views in just a few days.

Online users found the camel’s actions hilarious after it was posted on sharing website Imgur.

A user said: “Camel just wanted him to turn the phone.”

One wrote: “Camels are notoriously mean. But still.”

Another tried to explain the camel’s actions: “That’s the bull camel leading his caravan/herd/flock/train and the kid disrespected his authority by walking to the front. Camel discipline.”

It is not the first time animals attacking humans has been caught on camera.

In Bali, a man visited the famous Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud.

While it is encouraged to play with the animals, one took less kindly to it.

As it clambered down his arms, the monkey then bit the tourist on the hand as he tried to take his bag back.

The man then left the area with his bag in tow and away from the creatures,

While the bite didn’t appear too bad, it wasn’t made clear if he was seriously injured.

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