Video of airline passenger playing ‘rock-paper-scissors’ with ba


Who says air travel can’t be fun?

A passenger on a recent flight out of Atlantic City Airport made the best out of a window seat by playing the game “rock-paper-scissors” with a baggage handler outside the plane.

The video was posted by Twitter user Brianna Kolbe with the caption “My boyfriend literally has no problem making friends.”

The video quickly went viral and has been viewed about 8 million times.

Kolbe’s boyfriend Robert Meadows and the baggage handler Allain Senpai both commented about the video.

“Honestly it’s pretty humbling and cool to see that a stranger like @allainsenpai and I can make a simple game of Rock Paper Scissors appeal and make so many people happy today I really love the response I’m getting from everyone. Stay golden y’all,” Meadows posted on Twitter.

Senpai also expressed his gratitude to the public for the positive reaction to the video.

Meadows and Sepai say they want a rematch.

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