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A viral video has captured the heart-stopping moment a bear managed to open the back door of a house.

At first, he looked through the glass section of the door at the people filming.

Suddenly, he jumped on his hind legs and with his paw, grabbed onto the door and swung it open.

He then stood staring in at the people inside the house with his ears pricked up.

While holding the door, he appeared to be wearing a collar and lead or some form of tie.

Suddenly, he looked up over his head as if someone threw something.

He then let go of the door and appeared to storm off in an angry mood.

The door slammed shut as the bear went back onto all fours and wandered off into the garden.

The bizarre video has since gone viral after being posted to sharing website Imgur.

The video has since had more than 129,000 views on the sharing website.

Many felt the bear was acting rather sassy for an animal.

One user remarked: “That head spin like ‘you weren’t good enough for me anyway!’”

Some bear-related puns were also aplenty: “Knock, knock. Who’s bear?”

Others were more optimistic: “At least he was nice enough to close the door.”

It isn’t the first time a bear has caused havoc on camera.

A man attempted to open his car door only for two bear cubs to quickly jump out.

They appeared to be eating the food in his car which they left behind after fleeing the scene.

Another man bravely played with a bear in the snow by throwing snow at him.

Thankfully the bear was happy to play and jumped along with the snow.

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