US comedian who went viral with GAA video to ‘refrain from posting’ following ‘negative’ messages


Comedian Josh Pray says he is backing away from talking about GAA and “Irish culture” after getting “negative” messages from Irish sports fans.

He shot to fame after his wide-eyed reaction to seeing a hurling match for the first time went viral earlier this summer.

Tourism chiefs here invited him to watch the All-Ireland football final at the start of the month.

But last night he said on Facebook that “some Ireland based individuals think I should let Irish-bred folks commentate Irish sports.”

He wrote: “Due to the negative nature of some messages that I’ve gotten from some Ireland based individuals whom think I should let Irish bred folks commentate Irish sports, I will refrain from posting about the Irish culture for a few weeks.

“There you go lads, have at it.”

However, a number of fans rushed to his defence, calling for him to continue with his videos.

“I absolutely love your videos they are hilarious,” wrote one fan.

“I was so excited for you that you got to come over for the All Ireland!! Never mind the begrudgers!!”

Another wrote: “I’m an Irish based individual and I absolutely loved your videos about Ireland.”

Back in July, Pray went viral after he posted his reaction to hurling to Facebook.

In the video, he apologises to “every Irish person” for stereotyping us as people who just drink, have red hair and have “the dopest accents”.

“Hurling has to be the most difficult and eye hurting sport I have ever witnessed,” he said.

“Everything about hurling seems like it hurts”.

He threw his support behind Tipp when it came to the All Ireland hurling final a few weeks ago and posted his ecstatic reaction to their victory over Kilkenny.

After discovering the ‘best sport in the world’, someone introduced him to football.

“Just imagine a bunch of men running as fast as they can, dropping the ball…do you know the co-ordination you gotta have to play Gaelic football?!”

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