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It started as a simple Halloween costume joke. When Georgia Elite Gymnastics’ coach Janessa Davis purchased a unicorn costume prior to the gym’s Halloween night practices she only aimed to have a little fun and a spread some positive vibes.

The former gymnast Davis performed a routine in the unicorn outfit while coworkers and parents recorded. The videos were posted on the gym’s social media pages were quickly retweeted by Elisea Williams in London and the post gained traction. As of Wednesday’s deadline Williams’ post of Davis’ video had 6.69 million views, 103,000 retweets and 303,000 likes.

“I was just doing it for the kids,” Davis said. “There wasn’t a whole bunch of kids here. They’re all gone trick or treating or trunk or treating and going to parties and stuff. The ones that were here, we played some games and put on crazy costumes and we just had fun that night.”

The result was an Internet phenomenon that generated enough buzz to make it’s way onto ESPN’s Sportscenter and the Today Show over the last week. Davis received hundreds of text messages and calls over the past week following the video.

“Everybody was laughing and it was just funny, all the kids were dressed up and I had to join in on the fun,” Davis said. “The next two days after that everybody was just telling me about the video. It was just funny to me, the whole thing was just funny.”

People seeing the video of Davis’ performance enjoyed the laugh to distract them from the negative social media debates that came along with the mid term elections last week as well as shining some light on the sport itself.

“It brought a lot of positivity into the air about gymnastics,” Davis said. “There were so many people quoting the tweet and posting the video and saying stuff, ‘this just made my day,’ and stuff like that. This was during the election time and everybody was saying that with all the drama on the Internet right now, this blessed their day. Everybody was talking about how there needs to be unicorn gymnastics now and T-Rex and unicorns need to go and start their own sports. It’s just funny stuff.”

Davis hadn’t done gymnastics in two years when she performed the routine on Halloween night. A former pupil of many of the coaches that she now calls her coworkers, Davis had spent most of her life training to be a gymnast.

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