This video of a domestic violence incident is going viral, raising awareness in Brazil


WASHINGTON (Circa) — Footage of a couple engaged in an elevator fight is having ripple effects across Brazil.

The video shows a man identified as Luís Felipe Manvalier chocking and shoving his wife Tatiane Spitzner. They were in the parking garage of their apartment complex when the incident began. Afterwards, Manvalier goes into an elevator and holds Spitzner against her will as she tries to escape his grip.

Manvalier is able to get Spitzner into his apartment but the incident soon takes a turn for the worst. Spitzner’s body is seen in security video falling down from the fifth floor. Manvalier leaves his apartment to recover her body before wiping blood from himself, the floor where he dragged her and the elevator.

The New York Times reports Manvalier has been taken into custody by police and is being investigated in his wife’s death. The publication also reports that a nationwide debate about domestic abuse has been a main topic of discussion as the result of this video.

The footage went viral after it was shown on a popular television program known as Fantástico. Other outlets in the country have played the video and discussed it on their shows since the initial release. The YouTube video showing abuse in the elevator already has over a million views.

A survey in 2017 revealed a third of women in the country face violence and that half of all attackers against women are former or current partners.

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