This is how those amazing, viral Lego sports videos actually get made


Jared Jacobs, a stop-motion animator who goes by the name “goldyeller” on Instagram is a wizard when it comes to recreating moments with Lego. You may have seen his work before, but it’s his Lego version of Auburn’s “Kick Six” in the 2013 Iron Bowl that’s gaining attention this week.

I’m in awe of anyone who puts this kind of time and effort into any venture — even if it’s recreating sports clips in Lego, so I talked to goldyeller about his process.

What made you decide to start creating sports clips with Lego?
I started re-creating Lego moments from Breaking Bad scenes that got me some attention from people on the show and then when that show ended I switched to epic sports moments.

How long does it take you to create a single clip?
It ranges from 30-60 hours for a 25-30 second clip.

How do you do things like a basketball or football hanging mid-air for a shot or kick?
Grey hairs and putty suspended up high from a little contraption I made with Lego. I used to use fishing line, but now that I have a few grey hairs I’ve found them to be thinner than the fishing wire.

Which professional athlete do you think has the largest Lego collection?
Not sure. I could see Clay Mathews being a lego guy. He seems to have a fun personality.

What’s the one sports moment you’ve always wanted to recreate, but haven’t yet?
Boise State Fiesta Bowl 2007.

How much Lego do you own?
I probably have over 1000 mini figures and enough bricks to fill a medium size storage closet.

Has anyone at Lego ever reached out to you?
Yes. I’m hoping to collaborate on something with them later this year.

Would you rather fight one Lego minifig the size of Joel Embiid with your bare hands, or be forced to walk barefoot on Lego bricks for a day?
I’m always down for a good scrap. I think I could at least go one good round with an Embiid sized Lego. I’d probably sneak a foreign object into the ring. I don’t fight fair.

Jared Jacobs continues to create amazing Lego recreations of sports moments. You can find his Instagram account here. He also uploads behind-the-scenes videos of how he creates his clips on his YouTube page, GoldYellerTV.

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