The Time When Sky Sports Thought ‘Yerdas Selzavon’ Signed For Aberdeen


Scottish football has a knack for throwing up all sorts of madness but we don’t think anything will eclipse the time Sky Sports were duped into thinking Aberdeen had signed a Turkish player called ‘Yerdas Selzavon.

The company known for their extensive transfer deadline day coverage should have known better than to announce Aberdeen’s fake signing.

But somehow they were completely tricked by a fake Aberdeen Twitter account and went ahead and posted it on their live blog in some quite incredible scenes.

“Yer Da Sells Avon” doesn’t get more peak Scottish twitter. It’s quite remarkable how they managed to post it without even doing a quick Google search but Sky have done similar before.

Following Lincoln Red Imps’ stunning victory over the Scottish champions in a Champions League qualifier first leg, a ‘Sky Sports’ graphic was circulated on social media by Twitter user @WeahsCousin and rapidly went viral.

And when discussing Celtic’s failures, the fake stats were read out by Sky Sports presenter Mike Wedderburn.

They clearly didn’t bother to look into ‘”facts” such as the Imps having a competition winner for a manager, a convicted drug dealer for a striker and an average home crowd of 28.

Ryan Sidle

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