The Package Netflix Review: Gross-Out Teen Comedy Is a Snooze


This is the first of many indignities the unattached dick suffers throughout the movie. As the four friends race to locate their friend, the dick gets puked on, bitten by a snake, sucked for venom removal, dropped in a toilet, and, in a particularly ludicrous twist, re-attached to a totally different guy, played by Blake Anderson, who also lost his penis. By the time the Workaholics dude says, “She flushed my pee pee like a poo poo,” you’ll either be all in on the movie’s gross-out tone or you’ll be switching to a documentary to repair the damage to your brain. Dirty Money might work as a good mental cleanse.

For those with the stomach and the patience to make it through the movie’s constant barrage of dick jokes, there are some funny moments, along with some decent little character beats down the home stretch. The aforementioned snake-biting scene is quite funny, and Viswanathan, who stole scenes in Blockers earlier this year, has a deadpan quality that often kills in this super-heightened context. At one point, she had me laughing by just saying “You da man.” It’s such a charming performance that you wish it would be medivaced out of this exhausting comedy and grafted onto a more appealing star vehicle — or at least one with a higher caliber of dick joke.

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