The Fan Who Went Viral At Oklahoma-Kansas Has Been Identified


During a weather delay before last Saturday’s Oklahoma-Kansas game, a fan in the crowd went viral when the ESPN camera caught her sitting by herself crocheting.

Now, we can finally put the mystery of who this woman is to bed. She’s been identified, thanks to Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic.

Auerbach tracked down Hailey Solomon, a senior civil engineering student at KU, and found out just why she was doing yarn work in the stands at a football game.

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Solomon admits she doesn’t particularly like or understand college football. However, the article makes it clear she wasn’t trying to achieve fame by crafting in the bleachers.

We won’t give away why she was at the game in the first place (read the article, if you’re an Athletic subscriber), but we will say Solomon comes off as a good sport who has accepted going viral.

Making this story even better, Solomon helped found a charity organization that knits and crochets for homeless people in Lawrence.

All in all, this might be the most noteworthy moment that comes out of a Kansas home game this season.

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