The Daily Blend: Viral video shows Sacramento cops using bag to detain kid


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Sacramento police reviewing 12-year-old’s arrest after video of officers putting bag over his head goes viral – A video of a black boy being detained while Sacramento police put a bag over his head went viral this week, prompting police officials to defend the officers’ actions. The family’s attorney said the 12-year-old was at a neighborhood carnival when he was chased out by a security officer and later detained. Many in the community spoke out on social media about the moment in the video where a bag was placed over the boy’s head. Sacramento Police Sgt. Vance Chandler told ABC10 the “spit mask” was used because the boy spit on officers. Chandler explained that the mask has an elastic neck that allows for fast and easy removal, the person wearing it can see and breathe through. Sacramento police are expected to release body camera video from officers on the scene. (Chris Thomas, ABC10)

Why there’s a hold up after Gov. Brown signed bill to legalize home cooking sales – Former California Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 626 into law in 2018, decriminalizing home cooking businesses. So why is it still illegal in some places? The state law, which took effect Jan. 1, allows the sale of prepared meals and other foods from small scale. However, so far, only Riverside County has opted in. Many counties are still waiting to find out what will happen to AB 377 — cleanup legislation that provides clarifications on AB 626. This includes requirements of the law for when counties choose to opt in. The bill clarifies the law, explaining which jurisdiction is eligible to opt in, how standards for health and safety will be implemented, how inspections will be conducted, and expectations for advertising. Gov. Gavin Newsom is expected to sign AB 377 in June. (Ananda Rochita, ABC10)

California sues over $1B in canceled high-speed rail money –  California sued Tuesday to block the Trump administration from canceling nearly $1 billion for the state’s high-speed rail project, escalating the state’s feud with the federal government. The Federal Railroad Administration announced last week it would not give California the money awarded by Congress nearly a decade ago, arguing that the state has not made enough progress on the project. The state must complete construction on a segment of track in the Central Valley agricultural heartland by 2022 to keep the money, and the administration has argued the state cannot meet that deadline. Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom says the move is retribution for California’s criticism of President Donald Trump’s immigration policies. (Associated Press)

California banks for marijuana retailers? Plan to create moves forward – Shut out of the traditional banking system by federal laws, the country’s largest legal marijuana market in California could benefit if the state approves a measure creating a special class of banks to handle pot money. The state Senate voted 35-1 on Tuesday to pass a bill that would allow people to start banks and credit unions that could accept cash deposits from marijuana retailers. Those banks could issue special checks to the retailers that could only be used for certain purposes, including paying taxes and California-based vendors. Marijuana has been legal in California since January 2018, but it’s still illegal under federal law. U.S. statutes also prohibit banks from handling money that comes from criminal activity. Banks that knowingly accept money from licensed marijuana retailers haven’t been able to get federal deposit insurance. (Associated Press)

Heads up, people of Yolo County… A brand new, 8-acre aquatic center is opening this weekend in Esparto. The new center in Tuli Mem Park has a softball field, basketball court, a picnic area, a multi-purpose room, walking trail, pedestrian bridge, and, well, pools.

I’d love to switch jobs with John Bartell… Seriously. He gets to the coolest things, like… [checks notes] getting a tour of a private state park. It’s time to talk about getting from behind this desk and going out on assignment with him. I digress. Check out the latest episode of Bartell’s Backroads where John treks out to the Sutter Buttes.

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