The couple behind the viral evacuation video from Camp Fire share story


Jackie and Fred Blome watched their town burn on their way out.

“Oh my God, the fire took everything,” said a panicked Jackie in the car on November 8.

With five of their cats in the backseat, they evacuated and left behind their home that was destroyed.

Jackie posted the entire ordeal to her Facebook page. Her evacuation video has been viewed more than 3 million times.

They are spending Saturday night at a motel in Sacramento because everywhere they’ve checked is full.

They have five cats with them. They lost five others and their two dachshunds, Rosco and Cooter, in the fire.

“It’s every five minutes I’m either crying, then you tell yourself, ‘Okay, everybody that we know are going through the same thing,’ and it gives you some strength just to keep breathing. But then, there’s those triggers that you see where people are finding their animals, and I know that mine are gone,” Blome said.

The Blomes were in pure panic as they were evacuating. They watched their home burn to the ground.

“We looked up and that’s where our house used to be. We didn’t even recognize it at first. You know it’s like everybody’s house had gone down. And we had to get out of there because the flames were coming up behind us,” Blome said.

Despite the loss and devastation, the Blomes are together and they are both alive. It’s keeping them hopeful that they’ll get through this together.

If you’d like to help Jackie and Fred, click here for their GoFundMe page.

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