Thai drag queen’s bizarre tribute to Beyonce goes viral after dog interferes


Video showing a Thai drag queen’s bizarre reenactment of Beyonce’s famed “Single Ladies” music video has gone viral after an excitable dog tried to get in on the fun.

The clip, uploaded to Facebook by Wutichai Krajaipoch on Tuesday, shows the performer with big hair wearing a black spandex leotard and sky-high heels dancing on a small platform in what appears to be a junkyard.

As Queen Bey’s smash hit plays in the background, the drag queen can be seen attempting some of the star’s signature dance moves before a medium-sized dog jumps up on the platform behind her with its tail wagging.

The dancer almost trips backwards over the pooch as a man behind the camera hysterically laughs. Despite the interruption, the show went on and the drag queen continued to dance while wobbling and teetering in high heels.

The dance was short-lived, however. As the dog looks on, the drag queen soon teeters and stumbles off the platform before falling over completely a few metres away. The dog, of course, followed closely behind with its tail happily wagging.

Even though it seemed like the performance fell flat, the internet appears to have embraced the attempt with the video attracting more than 1.6 million views as of Friday morning.

Yassss Queen!


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