Teen’s Jump Onto ‘Ice’ Trampoline Goes Viral « CBS Sacramento


CBS Local — What happens when you jump onto a trampoline that’s been covered by a sheet of ice? You become an instant hit on YouTube.

A Missouri teen’s leap onto an ice-coated trampoline was captured in slow motion by the boy’s friend and later posted on YouTube by the jumper’s mom, Michelle McNew. “I couldn’t see the whole thing,” 14-year-old Dylan McNew said, via the Springfield News-Leader. “After I jumped, I felt the ice break and cover me. It was pretty cool.”

The visually stunning trick was carried out on a friend’s trampoline on Feb. 11 while the teens were hanging out after an ice storm swept through Ozark, Missouri.

“He’s a little nut but I just pray a lot,” Mrs. McNew told reporters. “He’s a little daredevil.” The daredevil says the trick didn’t hurt and it wasn’t even that cold.

The McNew family’s video has reportedly been viewed over 600,000 times and has drawn the attention of media outlets from across the country wowed by the teen’s stunt. “I think it’s crazy how much it has blown up,” the eighth-grader added.

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