St. Louis woman with cerebral palsy goes viral in Crossfit video


ST. LOUIS, MO — A major milestone for a St. Louis woman with cerebral palsy.  She’s conquering the disease one tire pull at a time.

Crossfit of south St. Louis County posted a video to their Twitter account over the weekend that went viral . In the tweet, Tiffany Eickhoff expresses her excitement saying, “I have a physical disability called cerebral palsy. I work out at CrossFit 314 in St. Louis, Missouri. Yesterday in class for the first time ever I pulled a tire!!! I am so excited—it’s a huge milestone for me! It’s hard for me to put into words!”

In a Facebook post, she says her goal is to take the ‘dis’ out of disability.

The video has since gone viral being viewed nearly 30,000 times on Twitter and 181,000 times on Facebook.

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