Some of these are too good to be true


The latest viral video challenge has made its way to the hockey world, finally providing some offseason content to tide us over until the next big signing. You’ve seen the ice bucket challenge and the bird box challenge, so here’s the summer’s latest viral sensation… the bottle cap challenge.

We’re not quite sure who started this newest viral trend, but it’s taken social media by storm. The basic idea is to use your foot to unscrew the cap from a bottle, usually with a roundhouse-style kick.

Here are letter grades for the latest hockey-related #BottleCapChallenge videos. (Please excuse us, it’s summer).

San Jose Sharks mascot, “Sharkie”


Sharkie is trying to be too cool for this bottle challenge, and I’m not about it. He should have at least tried to complete it with his fin or something. This is not how you do it, kids.

Florida Panthers mascot, “Stanley C. Panther”


I was excited to see the creativity in incorporating a massive gatorade tub, and Stanley almost delivered the goods. His roundhouse form was actually impressive, but then he goes the comedic approach with shoe in hand to finish.

Not bad, also not great.

ECHL Kalamazoo Wings mascot, “Slappy”


It takes a lot of guts to give this challenge a try, in a full costume, with limited visual abilities. But Slappy tried it anyways, and showed the Twitter world that it’s okay to fail sometimes.

I appreciate the effort.

Tampa Bay Lightning’s mascot, “ThunderBug”


A slight improvement from Slappy’s approach, but it still strays too far from the essence of the challenge. I do like Thunderbug’s Happy Gilmore-esque walk up with the dramatic stick drop swagger.

Edmonton Oilers mascot, “Hunter”


I honestly I had to watch this 20 times to discover it’s not real, so you have to respect that. But when you focus hard enough it seems to become clear that the Gatorade bottle is photoshopped onto the video.

Major points for fooling most people online. Or at least me.

Buffalo Sabres mascot, “Sabretooth”


I am having a deep internal debate trying to figure out if this video is real or not. It’s too perfect. Look how graciously the Tim Horton’s lid floats into the sky, and then lands, so delicately. It truly looks fake, but if you focus on the shadows coming from the lid, they are seamless. If we are thinking physics, Sabretooth’s feet are massive enough to be the perfect fanning device to lift that lid into the sky. But then, the cup doesn’t flinch at all. If someone did photoshop this, they did one incredible job.

I might be losing sleep over this.

Markus Nutivaara, Columbus Blue Jackets


OK, now we’re talking. How can you not love this? Including your cute pup is a guaranteed entire letter grade bump. Look at the dog’s face when he kicks the lid off, it’s awesome.

Alexander Wennberg, Columbus Blue Jackets


Nordic members of the Columbus Blue Jackets with MATCHING Daschunds? There’s a reason Markus Nutivaara challenged his teammate, Alexander Wennberg, and Wennberg sure delivered.

The videos are both amazing, and we are so grateful for these pups and their little paws.

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